1 Kit + 100 Pads Compatible with Smooth Away/Smooth Legs


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1 Kit + 100 Pads Compatible with Smooth Away/Smooth Legs Description

Set includes: 1 Kit (1 Large Applicator, 1 Small Applicator, 4 Large flex-crystal replacement pads, 4 small flex-crystal replacement pads, 1 Travel Case) + 100 Replacement Pads (50 Small pads + 50 Large Pads)Use only in circular motions, with slight pressure. Do not bear down. Going first in one circular direction, then the other, repeat this procedure until all the hairs have been removed. For larger areas like legs and forearms, use the larger backing pad. For smaller, or uneven areas, use the smaller backing pad, with the same circular motions. When done your skin may look a little whitish or gray in color, which is great news because you`ve exfoliated dead skin cells. Simply moisturize as desired.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:1. How quickly does the hair grow back?This depends on your hair growth (i.e. coarseness, amount, etc.). As you continue to use Hair Remover to buff away your hair, it will grow back less each time.2. Is it painful?Hair Remover is a painless and safe hair removal system. There is no component of Hair Remover that can cut your skin or cause any pain.3. Can I use it every day?Hair Remover can be used every day – just remember to use it in gentle clockwise and counter-clockwise motions.4. How long does a pad last?This will depend on the amount and coarseness of the hair. On average, one pad will last long enough to use on a woman`s legs twice before needing to be replaced.5. How long does the hair have to be?It is recommended that you use Smooth Away on shorter hair, although it also works on regular and long hair. If the hair is very long, first time trimming is recommended.6. Will hair grow back thicker on my face?No the hair will not grow back thicker. After continued use, less hair will grow back and it will be thinner than previous hair.

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