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100% PURE FRENCH GREEN CLAY- 1 pound Description

HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS French green clay works by absorbing impurities such as oils and toxins from the skin. Its mineral-dense properties promote healthy blood flow to skin cells, freshening and toning the skin. French green clay is a great option for teenagers or adults who have problem, or acne-prone skin. The clay is gentle; yet deeply cleans pores, leading to less outbreaks and clearer skin. Instead of each component in French green clay combining to provide one overall result, they stand alone and each one offers a specific benefit. This makes French green clay a better option than other types of green clay on the market. It is made up of decomposed plant matter, iron oxides (which provides its natural green color), and several healing minerals including magnesium, potassium, silica, calcium, selenium, aluminum, titanium, sodium, phosphorus, copper and zinc…Enjoy…

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