Barber Clipper Holder 6

Barber Clipper Holder 6 Description

Barbermate attaches to your styling station or counter easily to hold your clippers, and styling tools. Barbermate organizes clippers and tools de-tangling cords and keeping them free from damage. Clipper blades are fragile and can be easily broken or contaminated by microorganisms lying in drawers. Help keep your clippers and tools clean and organized and prevent premature replacement of broken cords! Attach with included heavy duty adhesive Velcro or screw mount to desired surface. * Appliances in photos not included. Dimensions: 4x appliance holders: top opening: 2.5’W x 5’H 2x appliance holder: top opening 2.25’W x 4.5’H Bottom openings: 1.5′ Mounting bracket length: 17.25′ L Top of bracket: 2′ W Bottom of bracket: 1′ W

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