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Bare & Beautiful Hair Removal Epilator Description

Bare & Beautiful, a painless hair remove system for the ladies, a battery operated hair epilator gets to the root of hair removal gently and effectively, for use on silky skin of the ladies, the most gentle tweezers to painlessly remove unwanted hair in less than second, leaving the skin hairless for a longer amount of time; best suit shaping the eyebrows without redness of “plucking”, able to get rid of unwanted hairs in those “hard to get to” areas. The Bare & Beautiful hair removal system is also excellent to remove hairs from other skin areas, such as chin & upper lip, arms & under arm and legs & bikini line. The hair removal process that performed by the device changes the structure of hair follicle does not require the messy inconvenience of shaving or waxing. Simply turn on the system apply the pair of the tips of the tweezers wand directly to the hair to be removed. The harmless radio signals that produced from the tweezers will penetrate deep into the root of the hair without hurting your skin. Appropriately use of the Bare & Beautiful hair remove system to continuous treating same area over a period of time should weaken the hair follicle cumulatively, and can ultimately achieve permanent removal of unwanted hairs. This is a painless hair remove treatment that you can do it at home.Advantages of Epilation – Since hairs are pulled from beneath the skin’s surface, give the appearance of lasting longer than shaving. Over time, with a consistent epilation routine, it is possible to damage the hair follicle so that it will prevent any new hairs from growing.Product specifications : 6 volt battery operated (4x AAA alkaline batteries) Operating current at 150 mA Frequency output at 27.125 MHz Tweezers tip range of 0.4 to 0.6 vpp

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