Cuvget Collagen Stimulating Serum, 1 fl. oz.


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Cuvget Collagen Stimulating Serum, 1 fl. oz. Description

Product Description ČUVGET Stimulating Serum focuses on total collagen care. Formulated with stem cells from arctic berries, marine extracts, potent peptides, and beta-glucans. In combination, these intense ingredients have shown to uniquely reduce the signs of aging. The serum creates an optimal environment and performance of the skin’s elastic matrix leaving your skin surface perfectly smooth, younger looking, with improved radiance and glow. “I have always been fascinated how plants and other lifeforms are able to survive in harsh conditions while maintaining their beauty. This fascination triggered me to explore several arctic plants. This quest led me to a unique content and type of proteins that have been shown to not only keep the plant’s beauty intact but also have unique effects on the skin’s elastic network.” – Geir HÃ¥vard Kvalheim, Founder Brand Story Developed in the beautiful and pristine Norwegian Arctic, Cuvget is the first skin care line to utilize the powers the Arctic Caga (“Mushroom of Immortality”), providing amazing results without any damage or side effects

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