Gorgeous Cosmetics Lipstick, with Vitamin E


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Color:Whimsy Product Description What we want in a lipstick: intense colour payoff, smooth application, all-day hydration and stamina. Too much to ask? Course not. Gorgeous Cosmetics Lipstick ticks all the boxes. Now imagine this: A lipstick that won’t bleed or feather. A creamy and nourishing formula packed vitamin E and other soothing goodies that leave peckers plump and peckable. Plus it has a soft vanilla scent. Consider Gorgeous Cosmetics Lipstick your perfect match. Add to the equation formulas in sheer, dense, matte and satin and you can deem all your lippie wishes granted. Warning: picking one (or six) could be the hardest ask of all! Brand Story Gorgeous Cosmetics is a luxury Australian cosmetics brand. Our makeup collection includes high-performance foundations and powders, eye and lip products, premium Pro-quality brushes and reusable false lashes.

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