Leyenda De La Llorona

Leyenda De La Llorona Description

Leo San Juan, Teodora, Don Andr‚s, Alebrije and Las Calaveritas de Az£car are back for another great adventure, this time they will try to capture ‘La Llorona’ the elusive specter that terrorizes the town of Xochimilco. Nevertheless, their plans fell apart when the air balloon they are traveling in crashes during a storm. Leo San Juan is separated from his group and is rescued by Kika. Together ther will try to rescue Beto, Kika’s brother who was abducted by ‘La Llorona’ but first they will have to solve the mystery surrounding the origins of the fearsome ghost. At the same time Don Andr‚s, Alebrije y las Calaveritas de Az£car will have to face the dangers of a place called ‘Isla de las Mu¤ecas’

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