Masqueology Masque Cleanse Wash, 3.52 oz.


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Masqueology Masque Cleanse Wash, 3.52 oz. Description

Product Description Masqueology masque cleanse cleanser. A light exfoliating unique detoxifying cleanser that rids your skin of free radicals and pollutants while helping to stimulate your skin cells. Pre-mask cleanser: pre-mask cleanser once masque cleanse product comes in contact with air, the unique micro bubble technology begins detoxifying ingredients in the nutrient bubble cleanser help rid your skin of the free-radicals and pollutants caused by the environment. The bubbles clean the pores of the skin while helping stimulate the cells. Key ingredients: eleuthero root is an anti-inflammatory, stimulating and strengthening. Pomegranate boosts sun protection factor. Reverses or reverse the signs of aging by promoting cell turnover. Higher in anti-oxidants than red wine and green tea. Sunflower seed-vitamin e rids the skin of free radicals. Papain reduces inflammation. Kills bacteria. Dissolves scar tissue. Breaks down surface dead skin cells. Allows more oxygen into the cell area around the pores. Maintains moisture balance for younger looking skin. Brand Story Masqueology is building a new skincare lifestyle brand using the latest scientific advances and the best ingredients available.

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