Oridel Liquid Gem Regenerating Face Oil

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Oridel Liquid Gem Regenerating Face Oil Description

Oridel Liquid Gem Regenerating Face Oil is both highly functional and luxurious. This unique natural 1-ounce blend of lighter botanical oils is specially formulated to penetrate dry and damaged skin quickly producing a warm, radiant look that seems to shine from within. It works well under makeup and its light, appealing scent makes it easy to care for your skin everyday.The formula for Liquid Gem is based on old world healing remedy recipes that have been handed down through several families for generations. The well known healing properties of sea buckthorn oil and argan oil are the centerpiece of this restorative formulation, supported with other oils known for their revitalizing skin benefits, including apricot, arnica, avocado, borage, calendula, carrot seed, chamomile, evening primrose, jojoba, neolith, rosewood, sesame, wheat germ and vitamin E oils.Liquid Gem delivers a concentrated moisture boost to dry and aging skin or skin damaged by the application of drying retinol treatments or other medications. It is great for post-peel and post-laser applications and beneficial for such conditions as acne rosacea, atopic dermatitis and eczema.Each bottle of Liquid Gem also contains a Citrine precious gemstone to provide peace of mind and to represent the synergy between botanicals and earth’s minerals. Citrine, the “Sun Stone,’ is believed by many to help warm, cleanse and energize the body, purifying the system and helping to counteract the toxic effects of modern living.Let Liquid Gem help you maintain a healthy, life-affirming level of positive, moisture-nourished energy.Be sure to buy authentic Oridel products through Amazon Prime. Beware of unauthorized third-party sellers!

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