RazoRock Baby Smooth Double Edge Safety Razor


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RazoRock Baby Smooth Double Edge Safety Razor Description

The intention of the RazoRock Baby Smooth was to design and build a safety razor specifically for sensitive skin and for daily shaving. The criteria was: The razor must be easy to use and easy to find the right shaving angle. The cutting action must be efficient but mild The geometry of the head must aid in reducing the occurrence of ingrown hairs and razor burn. The handle must be comfortable but provide optimal grip even if used with the slickest of shaving soap, cream or oil. The razor must be build using CNC machining. The razor must offer unparalleled value-for-money in the double edge safety razor market. It’s built from billet and rod 6061 aluminum. It’s finished with a black anodized coating to protect the aluminum from oxidation over the long term. All three of the posts in the top cap are fully machined from one piece of billet aluminum, no tacked or spot welded posts. Please do NOT expect perfection with these razors. Although the quality is extremely high, the razor probably will not be absolutely 100% perfect. They are machined and finished to a high user grade, not a jewel piece, the odd mark or blemish can be expected. If you are looking for or expecting jewel quality, this probably isn’t the razor for you.

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