Red Man No.2 Premium Buffalo Hide Razor Strop


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Red Man No.2 Premium Buffalo Hide Razor Strop Description

This is the RED MAN No.2 Premium Buffalo hide razor strop.Our economy model, imported.Extremely high quality at an affordable price!These strops are of the finest quality. The strop is 2 5/8′ (66mm) wide x 23′ (575mm) long with a full 17 1/2′ (437mm) of stropping surface. This is a full 3′ more than Dovo.This width allows you to use straight strokes with no need for the ‘X’ pattern stroke, although you can if you prefer. This is a definite plus in your daily maintenance routine.This strop has a nice medium to light draw (the same feel as a Dovo strop), and is effective on all blade grinds.The hanger is stainless steel and all other hardware is chrome plated and buffed to a lustrous shine.The top hanger has a swivel ring affixed to a boat snap hook.This strop is very suitable for travel, the hardware on both ends can fold down allowing the strop to fit into carry-on luggage.******This is a natural material, it is the skin of a buffalo, and occasionally will have some marks. These are often scars from rubbing up against a barbwire fence or just living in the wild, or may be wrinkles from age just like our skin. When it is in an un-dyed neutral Russet color these mark are viable, in the darker tannage they are not.*******They do not affect the performance of the strop in any way and are your guarantee that it is real buffalo hide !

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