Rio Salon Laser Tweezer Hair Removal System


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Rio Salon Laser Tweezer Hair Removal System Description

Product description Product Description Permanent hair reduction in seconds with the Rio Salon laser tweezer “Target-and-Treat” technology pinpoints individual hairs You can now enjoy the benefits of permanent hair reduction without paying for expensive salon treatments. The treatment takes just four seconds and results in permanent hair reduction. Home laser hair removal is suitable for most areas including facial hair, underarms, arms, legs and bikini line. Innovative “Target-and-Treat” technology pinpoints individual hairs sending a laser beam to the hair follicle with enough energy to destroy the root without affecting the surrounding area. This process is known as photothermolysis. Unlike home use IPL (Intense Pulse Light) the results of laser treatments are permanent. Laser hair removal or IPL? Laser hair removal technology actually destroys the hair root giving permanent hair reduction. Home use IPL recommends continued, ongoing treatment of the area to prevent hair regrowth. However, IPL covers a much larger area making treatment of large areas quicker. The other difference is the wavelength of light produced. Lasers produce light with a specific wavelength while IPL uses a broad spectrum of wavelengths. Melanin in the epidermis also absorbs the energy and limits the depth of penetration of the laser light into the skin. Using a light wavelength of 808nm enables treatment of relatively dark skin as well as fair-skinned types. However, laser hair treatment is not suitable for Afro-Caribbean or black skin complexions. Laser treatment is not effective in removal of white or grey hair. Electrolysis should be considered as an alternative treatment (see rio electrolysis products) ……………Box Contains……..: 1 x Rio Salon laser tweezer unit and wand 1 x Power adapter 1 x Step-by-step DVD 1 x Full instructions and information guide

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