Rubis Nose & Ear Hair Duck Scissors 1F003


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Rubis Nose & Ear Hair Duck Scissors 1F003 Description

Size:Nose & Ear Hair Scissors Nose and ear hairs may be annoying but they serve an important purpose: without nose hairs, particles of sand or dust could get into the lungs, while in the ear, hairs prevent unwanted particles from entering the sensitive auditory canals. Carefully trimming the little hairs visible around the edges of nostrils or ears is a gentle and unproblematic way of getting rid of the hairs without interfering with their protective function. Plucking these hairs is not recommended due to the very sensitive mucous membrane in the nose. Rubis Duck scissors, specially developed for trimming unwanted hairs in the ears and nose, have rounded tips for gentle insertion into the outer area of your nose or ear without fear of injury. The drop-shaped tips also enable you to widen the nostril slightly so that you can trim the hairs more easily. The ergonomically shaped handle grips offer safety and comfort when trimming hairs. Even after many years, Rubis scissors lose none of their original functionality thanks to their high-quality materials, design and workmanship.

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