Vintage Flicker Womens Shaver 5 Blades (2 Pack)


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Vintage Flicker Womens Shaver 5 Blades (2 Pack) Description

Brand New Sealed Old Stock Flicker Womens Shaver 10 Blades. You will receive exactly as shown in images. You will receive two flickers, each with 5 blades, total of 10 blades. Extra Safe Skin Shield Blades The womens shaver designed for safety to protect your skin from nicks and cuts. By American Safety Razor Company Special Features: Complete shaving system containing 5 blades Self-contained design without seperate blades or rzors to handle shape is easy to grip even with wet hands designed to shave legs and underarms blades are numbered so you’ll know when to pick up your next flicker Flickers stainless steel SKIN SHIELD blade with wire wrapping provides a protective guard so the blade glides gently over your skin. It is designed to let you cut hair and not skin. Made and Printed in USA.

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