Water Flex [Correspondence Shave Wash Bath Type] Shaver (Wf1s Blue)


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Water Flex [Correspondence Shave Wash Bath Type] Shaver (Wf1s Blue) Description

In swing head , It is equipped with oscillating head for close contact with the skin to shave the bath of zero unshaved , comfortable shave is possible and under the chin , even a portion of a face that is hard to shave . In addition, it is possible to cope with the bath shaving and using the form and the skin-friendly shaving more . ◆ Approaching to swing head brown top-end model , with a swing head . By the curved surface of a variety of face , head, back and forth movable in close contact , I realize a close shave more efficient . ◆ OK in full waterproof design shaved bath waterproof , shave while taking a shower , using the form also OK. I realize refreshing clean shave . In addition , care is simple and easy to wash . ◆ trimmer that moves left and right , the beard sleeping and habit beard that grows in the direction of all the world’s only high-speed vibration habit beard trimmer is lifting , the mesh of the 899 pattern cut ◆ deep catch network blade , entire head a beard that grows in different orientations I capture from the root . ◆ tool that is suitable for preparing the beard and sideburns trimmer blade . The only need to slide toward the top edge-trimmer blade . ◆ ◆ display lithium-ion battery lithium-ion battery mounted in the lamp of two stages state of two-stage battery charging indicator lamp , charging is completed in 1 hour 1 hour charge rechargeable ◆ rapid , shaving about 45 minutes possible . If shaving one time , OK in charge of 5 minutes . Because it is 100V-240V compatible , usable overseas . /

Water Flex [Correspondence Shave Wash Bath Type] Shaver (Wf1s Blue) buy

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