Wittex Germany Ingrown Toe Nail Kit


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Wittex Germany Ingrown Toe Nail Kit Description

This nail problem set of nail instruments is particularly suitable for the treatment of ingrown toenails, especially in the foot area it consists of a special nail pliers, and two dual gauges special nail clippers: the special shape, tapered and curved, so it is easy to cut the ingrown nail round – total length 12 cm – double spring this special pliers is through the narrow radius of curvature also excellent for general cutting fingernails and toenails corner lifter: dual gauge (double-sided) to lift the ingrown nail – 17 cm total length – 2 mm width of the slightly curved functional part – 1 cm length of the functional part corner file: two-sided stainless steel file (straight / curved): for filing in the corner regions of the nail – 13.5 cm total length – 1 mm wide functional part – 1 cm in length functional part. First use the corner lifter (two-sided) use to lift the ingrown nail. Then cut round with the special pliers. Finally hone the edge of the nail using the corner file. With this set, it is easy to treat ingrown nails.

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